Knitting a new shawl, soft, drapey and beautifully purple

I love shawls, scarves and wraps

 "Lady of the Forest", a design by Ilga Leja , is my new project plan. I like to have a knitting project on the go. I also cannot resist beautiful yarns such as the Kauni variegated 100%wool from Denmark - in shades of purple.

I had to purchase 1 skein EG and 1 skein EYC - they are similar colour gradations but in the opposite proportions. I was visiting my daughter in Halifax and I made a stop at The Loop, a local fibre craft shop.

I fell in love with the sample in the shop. It was so beautiful, soft and drapey. You will have to visit the designer's site ( "Lady of the Forest", a design by Ilga Leja ) to see photos of the finished shawl. If you are on Ravelry you can look it up there .

I am a very slow knitter though as my knitting is done whilst being a passenger on a long car ride, watching a movie or stopping for tea at a friend's place.

Since I have 2 different dye lots and gradations, of the same base colour, I will have to play  with the yarn a bit. The pattern is designed to feature gradations so I will start with the primarily light colour and then switch to the dark (about 70% through) and then use the rest of the lighter colourway for the bands and collar.

It should be good... I hope... we'll see.


  1. This looks wonderful. Will be looking forward to seeing how the striping turns out. Have added a link to this in my Needlework Tuesday post.

  2. This looks lovely! I love shawls and wraps as well and have been working on one for some time now. I am looking forward to seeing your finished piece.

  3. Oooooo . . . Very pretty. Good luck with the project.

  4. Hi!
    Love the color of yarn, it's beautiful. Took a look at the shawl, it will be beautiful when done. Have a great day!

    Just Books

  5. OOOOH! Yummy. What pattern are you using?

  6. If you click on the pattern name "Lady of the Forest" there is a hyper link to the designer's website. The pictures of the shawl are protected and cannot be saved off the site.


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