Wednesday, 12 July 2006


Barda is a good word. It means kit, gear or "stuff" in french. Friends are always telling me that I know a lot of "stuff". So even when my thoughts or fingers wander, all that I am considering falls within the scope of my "stuff".
Where am I? In the sewing studio, my room for thinking, creating, waiting, working, being alone and enjoying my friends. It is not pretty - which is good since no one covets my real estate. It is fairly well organized, practical, sort of comfortable and quiet. It does not have much daylight, not that bad of a sacrifice as I spend most of my time here during the night.
If I turn around from the computer I scan: a wonderful reincarnated 20 cubby-holed storage unit, rescued from a garage (stored nuts and bolts) and before that a hardware store -about 30 years ago. It is painted white and filled with FQ's, half metres of fabric all sorted by colour and 7 quilts in progress. Next wall is filled by a 10 foot long hand quilting frame, tilt-able, made from a great kit, that has a QS 18th century reproduction print BOM quilt on it, in process.

I think I must have started collecting quilt frames since there are 4 of them tucked away around this room.

Turning to the next wall are 2 more reincarnated store fixtures. 2 very wonderful, very heavy wooden display tables (each is 30 inches wide and 60 inches long) with 4 - 12 inch deep and 30 inches square drawers; also from a store - the men's department of Simpsons. If they are put back to back they form a square and that is where the mens pants were neatly folded for display and sale and the back up stock was stored in the drawers below. The paper size sticker labels are still in some of the drawers. More fabric is stored here: yardage and special collections of fabrics. Turning the next wall is my sewing machine table. I use 2 large folding banquet tables to work on for large or group projects - we have had 8 people on sewing machines here at once and an old, old jam cupboard - more fabric and other craft supply storage. There are also 7 - 4 foot long shelves packed with books and matching stacks of labeled and very full boxes (reincarnated from plastic binding combs).
Back in this corner is the computer, looking past this is the laundry area of the basement.
See, no one would want my real estate- but I LOVE IT!
The old wooden store fixtures should last forever and add to the sense that this room is linked to re-use, creation and appreciation of effort.
(We are ignoring the boxes, bins and bags)
I think that I best put some quilting time in on that "Vintage Garden" quilt.

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