Friday, 22 September 2006

Black Holes

There must be one in the studio. Some days things are just not there- they were there, in their spot but now they are not.
Or, supplies I have purchased, spent good plastic cha-ching on and have never used.
For example- the little stick on thimble disc thingies to use instead of a thimble. I know that I bought one with a back up package of adhesives from a great little quilt shop in Surrey along with some beautiful Japanese blue and white prints. I have the fabric but absolutely no clue where the flat thimble disc is.
Or Solvy, I have, securely wrapped in double plastic, a couple of metres of Solvy, I know when and where I bought it but where is it now???
It is not that I have a messy sewing studio. It is actually fairly well organized, labeled boxes on shelves, drawers, drawers and more drawers, cupboards- all well marked and tidy.
I regularly work at keeping it organized, after every major project is done I do a complete clean and often also rearrange the space if I have a new idea for my work flow.
So- why is it that I am totally stumped by where some things are.
I have 1 pile for "in process" - not there either.
If you stopped by and asked me for a particular book or magazine I will look through shelves worth of books, or the appropriate binder for the magazine, or folder for the pattern but -- no. I won't see it. No matter how sure I am that it was there last week or yesterday, it is hidden from my searching eyes, at least while you are waiting to see it. It ends up being there in that same spot next week anyway.
I cannot figure it out. Perhaps the parallel odd sock world has other occupants.
At least the books and magazines will be there smiling right at me the next time I am not looking for them, perhaps I am hosting a phantom library?
But where is that thimble disc???

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  1. The bloack hole in my studio swallowed a card of snaps I have. I was looking for them Thurs. night so I could put them on my quilter's wallet. Not anywhere to be found!

    I like your continuing quilt show and your BOM quilt.


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