Wednesday, 27 September 2006

heavenly visits

-the beautiful kid and silk hand-dyed yarn

- the silks for a future wall hanging

What a wonderful, although fast paced weekend. My daughter did a quick fly-in from across country for her good friends' wedding, My honey and I met up with her and the whole visit felt just as good as a caramel pecan and chocolate ice cream sundae! luscious, fun and worth every calorie.

To make this sewing related though... I was very happy to be able to revisit some of the great shops other daughter and I went to pre-wedding.

The Queens West area of Toronto - the wonderful ribbon store where some of the embroidered ribbons sell for $67+ a metre but it is all so beautiful and inspiring; then we visited a great wool store and I found the most fantastic hand-dyed yarn from Nova Scotia to make a knit shawl - it is fine, with some occasional loopy textures and amazing indigo-purple-gold-green colour (56% kid, 24% silk and 20% nylon) mmmm delicious.

Lots of chocolate to be had and great fun overall with the girl and my sweetie.

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