Thursday, 21 September 2006

"Vintage Garden" Sampler Quilt

This is a photo of the BOM Sampler quilt that I am handquilting, "Vintage Garden", from one of my favourite quilt shops : Quilter's Line

I have shopped online there since 2000, have subscribed to a few BOM's such as: "A Millenium Quilt of Canada" - which became a memorial quilt to Pierre Trudeau, a "Peace and Plenty" Sampler quilt, a "1930's" reproduction sampler quilt, An "Underground Railroad" Sampler Quilt and this one. DH finally took me there on a day trip and it was fantastic, a small shop packed with beautiful prints. DH commented that "She has a good eye" as he thought that there were no ugly fabrics anywhere in the shop. Anyway, I think Chrissie is great, always helpful and she does have a good eye!! (there are more quilts for another aisle at my quilt show)

The theme of this is a "vintage garden tour" using vintage block patterns with a garden theme and late 1800"s reproduction prints.

My secret quilter's joke for this project is that I am using a CD spindle (from purchasing a stack of blank cd's) as the template for my circles across the inner border set. It worked so well, perfect proportion, easy to hold and there are markings built in that help me align it to my 1" strip border.

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