Friday, 13 October 2006

More Colour

This is my favourite storage piece. I love to see all the colours. I keep all fabric pieces that are smaller than a metre but larger than the scrap boxes in the separate sections. All, except my special collections (Orientals, Africans, novelties, 30's, landscapes, luminosity, paisleys)...

Oh look, 2 sections of green and the blue is filled tight. Purples.. I keep using them up so I never seem to have very much on hand!

(Historical note: This was rescued from DFIL's garage where he had stored nuts and bolts for 20+ years, previous to that it was a display unit at a hardware store. I always coveted it for this very purpose. When it became available DH helped me by scraping 40 years of crud off so I could paint it white and store all my bits and pieces. I coveted this before I even had a stash to put in it. I have a few more display units, in my studio, being used for storage and workspace with similarly interesting histories.)

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  1. Great storage unit and to have one with history is even better. I love your pictures too. I know purple is my favorite color, but I think it has something to do with growing up watching the Minnesota Vikings, AKA the Purple People Eaters.


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