Thursday, 12 October 2006

Snow and colours

It makes me smile so much. S N O W. I love the flakes, the frost, the shades of white, the endless ways to warm up.. wine, sweaters, quilts, cuddles, fireplace, tea, hot chocolate, kisses from my honey. I love the quiet, the veil. I love to see the way its whiteness silhouettes my environment, I can really see what frameworks surround me.

okay. it may have been just a few flakes, a quick white-out and a mere frosting on the lawn but there is the promise of more ahead.....

I might have to add white to my list of favourite colours.

I love green, anything is wonderful when it is green - there are innumerable shades of green everywhere. I love blue, the sky can exhilerate me for hours. Purple - no rational reason but I have always loved purple, from way back in 197? and right on through till forever.

What makes all this colour so alive? Looking at them with the contrast of white or black.

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