Monday, 6 November 2006

Getting the sewing MOJO back

It has been a few weeks since I have actually sat down at my sewing machine to sew anything. I have been hand quilting, knitting, but no new production.
Sometimes we all just hit the wall. No reason or hundreds of reasons, the wall is there.

For me the first best cure is reorganize. Clean up, re-sort, rearrange my space. I moved the tables and the machines around and then I found the urge to turn on the machine. It is like having a new notebook.

FYI sewing tidbit: 1 FQ cut into 1 1/2" strips on the bias will yield over 7 1/2 yards of bias when sewn end to end.

So yes, I am working on the Celtic knotwork type finish to an overdue (my sincere apologies S.R.) RR. First, it was the right shade of green to go with a monochrome quilt; I learned that even if I believe that all colours look beautiful together, in a monochrome quilt not all shades of a single colour will complement one another. It is much trickier to achieve an aesthetic visual balance in a monochrome project.

Other things that revive the flagging sewing spirit:
-Fresh stock at the LQS
-Finding a new magazine or book (not a new issue but a whole new theme)
-Changing of the season (new colours, new schedule)
-quilt show or challenge deadline looming close
-A friend in need of a special gift
-A weekend free of time commitments

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