Thursday, 9 November 2006

Great Quilty Day!

Today was filled with lots of quilty bonuses. Firstly I received a fabric Post Card from a wonderful Quilter friend, Mattie. I love that it is so cheery.

Then I opened a nice package that was filled with FQ's from a "Harmony Swap". The Harmony Swap is done by grouping some swappers, each sends a sample piece of a fabric to the next name on the list and in turn everyone adds a FQ.

Wait, there were more quilt bonuses in store. It is Guild night and so off I went. We were very lucky to have Cynthia Tomaszowski be our guest speaker. She has a wonderfully cheery repertoire of flowers appliqued and embellishments almost everywhere. Lest you think it is all cutesy, or too folksy, or too old-fashioned I can assure you that there is something in her work for everyone as it is all that and more. She has work using soft florals, 1930's repro's, batiks,very brights, primary colours, contemporary Funky stuff to very pretty sweet gardens.

Her website is Simple Pleasures:

Cynthia shared her quilting journey as she moved through exotic locales and sought out quilters as she went. Where there were none, she taught them how!


  1. Mattie does make great postcards. Can you explain the symphony swap a little more. Sounds like a lot of fun. I checked out Cynthia's site. Her patterns are gorgeous and I'm very tempted to try one of them. Which one would you recommend?

  2. I got one of Cynthia's books at the library recently (Big Block Explosion or some such). She is inspiring. Cute postcard!

  3. Great postcard! what a nice surprise! I also enjoyed Cynthia's presentation and the workshop was excellent, too! I posted photos on my blog if you want to check it out!

  4. Tell us more about that swap! It sounds like a neat variation on the pass it forward game!
    Thanks for putting my card on your blog. :-) I'm glad you liked it.


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