Wednesday, 15 November 2006

Paula's Cool Tool Challenge

Paula had a great " challenge for all of you. What is your coolest and cheapest quilting tool? A tool that makes some part of quilting easier to do without costing a lot of money. "
I had to respond with this:
My current favourite coolest and cheapest tool is the round spindle base from a stack of CD-R'S that I am using as a template for a quilting pattern in a border. It was free as packaging. Since however I have set that project aside for a while I will also boast about my very "pointy- bent-nose-tweezers".

They are really from a surplus store that featured dental equipment. These are as sharp as a darning needle at the end, have ridges to grip firmly, have a post to keep them from slipping apart when they are being used [major panic moment - I cannot find them right now] and they cost $1.80. I actually went back and bought half a dozen as gifts (all gone now). relax... I looked everwhere and found them safely asleep in the tool box of my serger. They definately are useful for threading. I also use them as an awl, to poke around, to control unruly trims that I want to send under the sewing machine's presser foot, for retrieving lost bits as well as a holder for any piece of fabric that I use to swab around my sewing machine's unreachable areas to catch threads and lint clumps. Can you tell that I really love it?

Please share your treasure:


  1. It's sad, but my cheapest tool is a wooden skewer, like what you use for shish kabobs. I've found it to be good for poking points, lol. I have a purple thang that serves the same purpose, but oh, the skewer, lol.

  2. I like your tweezers and your CD case. Good use of non-quilty tools.

  3. Just discovered the Clover bias strip maker; awesome!


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