Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Wild Women's Weekend

It must be somewhere around 20 years or more that we have been able to manage a weekend or two a year away from our wordly lives and enjoy a spiritual revitalization.

There have been 4 of us, there have been 12. It could be winter, summer, spring or fall. We might have bagged out on the floor at a friend's apartment or in the many beds at Jean's Cottage. No matter where or when we have renewed ourselves with the friendship and caring that is brought by us all.

It is not even amazing that the weekends flow so easily, there is endless food, endless beverage, the work part is always done, the fire is stoked and hearts are open, emptied and refilled. It is easy to sit silent and still, easy to open your soul, to laugh so hard you nearly pee your pants, to cry or to just get up and dance.

The music is wonderful. It could be old time Rock n Roll, it could be folky, or maybe some haunting celtic melody.

We treasure hunt through the local thrift shops, yard sales, and visit the touristy-gifty places: the antique and the avant garde.

We have worn orange straw hats, gloves, pearls, aprons, jeans and warm flannel nighties.

Our lives have been everywhere and yet each time we meet it has surely only been just a few weeks passing. There is magic and craziness, always. THANK YOU DEAR COOKIE SISTERS.


  1. Looks like a great wild weekend. Friends are important and keep us grounded.

  2. What fun! The slumber party pic is great!

  3. Anonymous2:06 am

    Your Artful Quilters Web Ring badge seems to have gone AWOL.


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