Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Moving forward, one space at a time

'what can I do, best, with what I have?' I said that was my motto for 2007. Now working through some of the scraps stash and saved bits are the plan. First project happening (a baby due date that is earlier than I expected) is a quilt for a very sweet friend of my daughter's. The baby shower is Jan 28.

For me this is the first of my children's friends having children. It is hard to not to to think of them being teenagers hanging out together, then began the weddings and now the babies!!! I guess we survived the joys and tears of all those years in between.

So DD2 helped me choose some fabrics and a pattern, Four Patch pattern from Ursela Reikes "Quilts for Baby, Easy as ABC". The focus fabric (from a friend's stash) is a very cute bunny à la "Pat the Bunny" story book. It is a bit hard to see but the dark fabric is really a lighter shade of green.

I guess this is what happens as we move forward in life. I first felt this when my Dad died. He was far too young, only 52. There was (always will be) a big empty space in the landscape of my heart. I felt like a tornado had touched down and ripped away a piece of me. Afterwards, I felt as if I lived on a game board and the row that I am part of just moved forward one row. I had felt safe having my Dad always there to go to if I needed him, now there was no one ahead of me, I appreciate and treasure those that still stand beside me.

Pushing me forward again were things like my first child (oldest daughter) graduating University, her friends getting married, then my daughter (second child) marrying the love of her life and now one more move forward... my children's friends having babies.

My favourite Board game was Milton Bradley's "The Game of Life" The pink car was mine! I loved the pitfalls and the jumps, filling the car with kids, going to school, getting paid, even paying the bills and taces. I loved the thrill of seeing where I would land and what would happen to me, and what I would be left with by the time I reached the end of the game.

So tonight's space is marked "cut the fabric" and so off I go to follow the directions and keep my place in this game of Life.

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