Monday, 5 March 2007

Cutting into the special stash - I will , I promise

Ouch, it hurts. I made the personal commitment to work with what I have as well as I am able. I also promised a donation for a charity fundraising effort, a wall-hanging. Now this is for my DD's MIL (in plain English, the mother of my son in law- both of whom I like very much).

After much internal debate and a nearly endless soliloquy to the monitor I tell my self that I must use the special stuff, I cannot go out and buy more fabric. I have lots of special stuff, enough to share. and so out come the magazines, patterns and the Orientals.

I choose a kimono wall hanging pattern, I have 2 and since I recently made the PP smaller kimonos for a RR , I am going to use the strip pieced, larger blocks and make this 42" x 48" wall hanging. (Kimono Medley, copyright 1991, Marge Burkell)

But it will be OK, there are lots left in the special pile....

And I guess that instead of blogging or watching Strombo, I could have been pressing and cutting.


  1. Your fabrics are beautiful and will be happy being shared with someone else.

    I got your postcard. It's beautiful. I'll post a picture tomorrow.

  2. Love your fabric choices for this. Maybe I need to do that with some of the dozens of extra fabrics I bought to make one single quilt for my son. Why do I have enough fabric for 3 then? =) She'll be lucky to have this one.


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