Monday, 23 April 2007

Sometimes buying stuff really helps!

This last week I have added a few items that really have helped me work on my projects. It may seem silly but although they were on the "unnecessary but nice to have list" they helped a great weekend be even better.
The weather was absolutely gorgeous in London this past weekend. It has been a very long time since sun, warm weather and weekend all met in the same space and time!! (Vacations do not count) . Finally winter is OVER and spring is arrived.
And what did I do...some yard work even though I promised myself I would just sew all weekend. I could not drag my dirtied fingers away from the garden's weeds and winter debris.
I still wanted to sew and DH wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather. He was so right.
Thus, off we were, to pick up a folding (light weight but sturdy) table that I could easily set up on the back porch, out came my FW and my planned project. I was rewarded with a visit from this little friend:

Later that evening as the daylight dimmed, I moved this new wonder table into the living room, plugged in another recent purchase: a portable natural daylight spectrum lamp, and was able to keep on sewing, with my honey not far away and not disturbing him all that much.
Definitely a great weekend retreat at home!


  1. My first time to visit your blog. Hope to be back soon.

  2. Your little friend is adorable. He would make a cute quilt block pattern!


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