Monday, 14 May 2007

Adorn Magazine Alert

Cara's wedding stories .
One was of the cupcake picks.
She wanted Bride and Groom picks on top of 120 cupcakes instead of a wedding cake.
Eventually she found some online for about a dollar a dozen, which ended up costing really over $65 by the time they reached our door and they were awful. Ugly white plastic picks with a tan coloured blob for the faces a black blob of paint on the front of the groom and oh so scary. So I enlisted the help of my bag lady friends - my sewing circle- and we painted faces, hair, bouquets, shoes and the back of the grooms suit on each of 120 - 2 inch tall cupcake picks so that Cara would not be reduced to years. I found special paints and markers and we spent the night working at them. Of course there were some mistakes, like beards that grew on some, sideburns and the odd eye patch but all in all it was a presentable set.

Then another story shared was that of Cara's much beloved, twice recovered Snoopy Quilt. I made it for her when she was 3 weeks old - she was allergic to acrylic and could only have natural fabrics near her skin. Snoopy went absolutely everywhere with her, to Europe twice, any sleepovers and to college. Any friend who was sick was given the "magic blanket" and everyone always felt better. I used to tease her that I would have to make the skirt of her wedding dress with it. It was now covered in ladybug fabric but the original snoopy was still there inside.
So we are in 2006 (25 years later) and I am making her wedding gown. Cara comes to me with her quilt and asks me to put a piece of it inside her wedding dress.
So she unstitched the layers of fabric and the Quilting and we found a good piece (that had no gone completley threadbare) and I appliqued it into the skirt of her beautiful silk dress.
The Photographer noticed the Snoopy appliqued inside the skirt of the beautiful silk wedding gown and asked why? So she took pictures.

And why am I sharing this ?
Because Cara and Dave's wedding is one of 5 featured in the summer issue of Adorn magazine and these are some of the photos. The article is on the DIY Bride!!

So pick up an issue, check it out and you can say you know the rest of the story

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  1. Anonymous12:45 pm

    Linda! I love that you put the snoopy in there!! What a cool idea!! And I LOVE the fact that some besides me has recognized your genious and skills!! You are an amazing person!! Thanks for sharing all that you do!!! :-) Jan


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