Wednesday, 23 May 2007

How a scrappy quilt grows

Well, I have this shelf stacked with those wonderful sturdy boxes all packed to overflowing with scraps, anything bigger than 1 inch and smaller than a Fat Eighth. I wanted to start to use these up (BIG TIME DREAMER HERE!) and so I began to look for a super stash busting scrappy quilt idea. I found great tips at Quiltville, specifically, her "Fun With Bricks" and so began the Bag Ladies new project.
So we are cutting strips, sewing them together and cutting them into squares, then adding plain squares (which for me is a Reddish Tangerine print).

Then these are sewn all together in sets of 4....

To make these.

And I am literally doing a scrappy quilt. Any piece that I had which was at least 2" by 3 1/2" became a part of these blocks. It is fun to see how many different styles of fabrics I have used over the last 10 years. I am debating as to what to name this quilt..."Can you find yours?" or "Life is a carousel" or...?

Then these are sewn into larger blocks, just like this:

These still need to be assembled in such a way so that you can actually see some pattern. So watch this space!

By the way, those boxes must be magic because they are still as full as they were when I started. I wonder how many quilts I have squished together in there? Maybe that is where I should be storing my fabric allowance?


  1. Anonymous4:05 pm

    Did someone forget to mention that scraps multiply faster than bunnies or snails!! :-) Jan

  2. Nice start to a quilt. I like it.

  3. Linda, I have so much scrap that I hoard, of fabrics I've day I'll have to bring them to you!

    p.s. I am taking a natural dye class and there are fab quilty ladies in it, one of them reminds me of you, it is so great.


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