Thursday, 17 May 2007

May Flowers and Mothers Day

It was amazing today, when I arrived home from work, the lilacs were so beautiful. The sun lit up a slightly grey sky which was absolutely perfect to show the many shades of Lilac. It was however too windy to take a photo. Tomorrow it might be calmer but perhaps the light will not be quite so perfect.

This reminded me of photos of flowers that I did manage to take this month. Shortlived but much loved is my yellow magnolia. This year I have had the most blooms since it was planted (5 years ago and the most blooms I have seen previously count in as 4)

There are also flowers from "my boys"

and sweet miniature casts from "my girls" . Mother's Day Love.

I was able to hug only one of my kiddles on Mother's Day this year. She is working hard at being proxy for her sister and brother. The others are far flung. Telephone tag with the oldest and a quick satellite phone hug from the youngest. It was still easy to "feel the love".

I am still playing with the Post Cards. If you have looked through some of the past cards you may have guessed that I am making them as a larger piece, then cutting them into post card size sections. This month I wanted to play with some trimmings I had saved because they were super colours. As I strew the trimmings in front of me I could see a river flowing, a rainbow river actually. So that is what we have, After separating the card sections I embellished the river with glass beads that made me think of the little air bubbles floating up from the fish below. I hope the glass beads stay well attached in the care of the Post Office. I considered enclosing them in plastic but chose not to. I think part of the post card story is how well it wears its journey to you.

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  1. Awesome postcards em!


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