Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Quilt retreats are anything but restful

I would not want it any other way!

This past weekend 18 quilters from around the world (really- 2 from Australia, Canada and about 16 states) met up for a Jamboree

This was a planned event that definately earned "hostess with the mostest" awards for the planners.

We spent over 3 days hanging out together and sewing, chatting, shopping, eating, laughing, learning, playing games and being well spoiled by each other.

There was an amazing collection of gifties, fabric, chocolate, enough calories to fuel a month of quilting without stopping to eat and absolutely the very best of warmth and caring as we put real faces to the online signatures that were so familiar.

We had some swap package openings - I received a truly well appreciated Starbucks travel mug, filled with fabric, chocolate covered espresso beans and a sewing troll personally made made by one of the least Troll-like people I know.
Mini QP'ers and Troll friend

Our Mini-selves that came had a great time, sleeping on a pillow of Hershey's kisses

We were challenged to bring an ugly fabric, swapped out in musical chairs fashion with ripping of fabric at every stop , ending with a selection of multiple sized pieces of random ugly fabrics for us to put together in one project. Ugly is well and truly in the eye of the beholder!
This is my set...

So with a new pile of fabrics, treasures, memories and treats I am feeling completely indulged and more than a bit spoiled.

It almost made coming home to a flooded basement bearable (almost- there was lots of washing, sanitizing, garbage bags and 5 hours of plumbers to put my exhileration in balance)

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  1. Oh Linda...this has happened to me before too! On a quilting "high" and come home to a sewer backup on the basement floor...ugh!
    Glad you had a great time before the flood!


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