Friday, 1 June 2007

Focus Fabric Challenge

The challenge was to choose a piece of fabric that contains at least 4 colours and then to draw from the print 4 colours to use (that you would not usually use together)in a project.
The trouble is that there are not 4 colours that I do not easily use together in one print. I have looked for a month now.
Enroute home from a wonderful Romantic weekend to celebrate my honey's milestone birthday we stopped at Cotton-by-Post so I could have a look. Wow, can you say wild. I found this "bubbles" print that is wild with colurs that I never would have put together in one piece. And laying on the cutting counter was the last half-metre of an even wilder print that used many of those colours together too.

Now I just have to plan a small project using the colours I pulled from the print. I chose a lime green, dark green, periwinkle and cranberry. I really want to find some of that peach toned orange though....
Deadline for completing this project is July 15.

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  1. Wow! Really wild! But I like it! I'm trying to get myself to use more brights in my quilts and I could see myself using this. Have fun.


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