Sunday, 8 July 2007

At home quilting retreat:

Today was a great quilty day. 2 of my Wild Women friends joined me for a Saturday quilt bee. We wanted to make a quilt for another of the Wild Women's brand new grandaughter, Grace. (We just love each other's children).

We booked this as a "sew-in" day so we could all work together. The pattern, which we had made before, is a great one by Dorothy Young - "Mazey Daze".

Penny and Lyla showed up at the appointed time but I was having zero luck finding my cutting instructions so we opted for cappuccino's while I tried all available means, which included calling the pattern designer on the phone and bombarding her with e-mails. But, only 2 coffees later (Bailey's for Lyla) and we were at it.

We measured, cut, sewed, cut, matched up, pinned, sewed till the top was done. Thrown into the day of course was a great lunch of Mini-Quiche, Caesar Salad, Spring Rolls,Black Fly coolers, and mini Angel Food cakes with blueberries and whipped cream. mmmm.

Thanks to Mrs. Cara for putting the luncheon together for us (and pinning strips too).

Voila: a finished top in a day

Close up of the Beatrix Potter Prints we used:

Jack's "Peter Rabbit Mazey Daze" (2006)
- Grace and Jack are cousins


  1. What a fun day! Lovely quilt too.

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun!! BTW, you look gorgeous as mother of the bride! What a lovely photo!

  3. What a wonderful day and a gorgeous quilt.


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