Tuesday, 28 August 2007


Amazing and satisfying - I have some finished projects.
The endless "Vintage Garden" is complete. All the quilting, binding, labelling etc is done. I even think that the feathers in the border do show up a bit so they were not a complete waste of my effort.

I finished a wall hanging - "Don't Burst My Bubble". This was the challenge project based on pulling colours from a print. I used a Kafe Fasset and ran with it.
I entered both pieces in the local fair as well as an older piece which fit one of the new categories: Memory quilt, this one contains 4 vignettes about my life, choosing priorities and taking actions as well as representing what is important to me and then being able to put it all in balance.

Should I dissect the piece? Scissors: Cutting up the credit card (taking control); Coins: looking after the details (money, shopping) and keeping them in order, Log Cabin: what is truly important to me is home and hearth, at the center there are charms (a key, a whisk and the kitchen sink) and the last Patriotic American and Canadian fabrics (my harlequin nationality) shows they are an important part of myself. There are also tokens from places that are important to me, New York City, Vancouver, New Jersey, and home, London, Ontario .

And if you look closely at the corners there are a small heart locket and a bag of money...cause I figure that if I keep all things in balance I should have success with love and security.

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  1. I love the items and blocks you chose to represent you in the last quilt!


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