Wednesday, 29 August 2007

More fun with fabric - dying and tying!

I do not mean tie dye but both ideas individually. First the dying:

Some friends and I attended a dying workshop last Saturday at the home of another quilter friend.

(These photos are mostly courtesy of Penny)

We mixed quite the variety of dye baths but shared 6 in common.

Wow what a different result in colourways yet we used the same brand of muslin, varying only slightly in description. I had the only bleached muslin. Funnily enough, both my bleached and Jill's Nature's Way unbleached took the dye similarly - brighter; Penny and Elaine's were both unbleached and they ended up in pastel variations after rinsing .

My set of hand-dyeds (which were 2nd from the right):

I also played with a gradient orange...what should I do with these babies now?
oh yes.. the tying: fascinating blog entry on using fabric to wrap gifts. There are great links to diagrams.


  1. Beautiful fabrics! Love those shades of orange.

  2. you'll soon be addicted to dying as well as everything else, linda!
    the fabrics that took the dye better were probably mercerized - i use it for that very reason!

  3. Oh, I LOVE the orange. It's my favorite color.

    I'm thinking that "some day" I'll get into dying fabric, but not until I get rid of some of the stash and not until my kids get older, LOL.

  4. Dyeing is so much fun! I don't know what I would do with all the orange, though. Glad it is your worry!

  5. Anonymous9:41 am

    What did you use for you dye? I really want to dye fabric, but yet to find the right dye to use.

  6. We used Procion Dyes. We did the dying at a friend's home so I do not have all the purchase details. I do know they were purchased on-line.

  7. What great colors, this is definitely on my list of something I would like to learn to do!


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