Thursday, 2 August 2007

Sweet dreams dear loved ones

During the QP Jamboree in April I was shown a magical trick in pillowcase making (Thanks Janell!). So, not only by making a french seam but also using an inside-out trick, there will be no raw edges to your pillowcases. Very sweet and tidy.

I am so hooked. All my vacation time house guests and dear loved ones will end up with their very own.

I made my list in early June and began the hunt for special fabrics to make "sweet dreams" for my sisters, nieces, nephews and brothers-in laws..and for my own sweet grown up kiddles as well. Alas, hunt after hunt and nothing really spoke to me so I was going to put off the plan till Christmas.

After Melissa arrived for her lovely home visit we struck out together again to HappyLand and of course, with all my guests ready to arrive in less than 48 hours I find perfect fabrics. What would any sane quilter do? BUY THE FABRIC - WASH THE FABRIC - CUT THE FABRIC AND SEW THE FABRIC RIGHT UP TILL THE LAST MINUTE (well almost- they really were all done 15 hours before arrival). All completed that is; except Melissa's since she really was not as enthused by the whole idea as I was.

We had to do a second run to get more "guy-y" fabric but that too succeeded and now both sisters and their families have a full set. Even Melissa asked for one - and she will get it later this summer,

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  1. Welcome - what a great project for family and friends. I've seen pillowcases that others make but wondered if they were useful - now I see the great idea you have. thanks


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