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I know, sometimes these posts have nothing to do with quilting at all. Or so it seems. Actually everything has to do with quilting; if I am actively working on a project I am sewing, quilting, planning and if am doing something other than quilting such as housework, my daytime-get-paid work, watching TV or feeding a dog I am really only preparing myself to get back at quilting, sewing or planning quilting and sewing. Is that circular logic? It must be but I am certainly not a logician. The only part of my life that is not quilting is family. Family is the living and loving part of my days.

The project laying out on my sewing table is a machine quilting job. I want to finish this up. I especially love the birds in the pink floral print. After this is completed I have nothing left ready to be quilted and will have to start making tops again....