Sunday, 2 September 2007

A Long Weekend

It is absolutely wonderful to have the luxury of an extra day off. The weather has been fantastic! I have been working away on the quilting of Grace's Mazey Daze but I just had to enjoy the afternoon outside. A book and a Margarita slushie were perfect accompaniments to the Muskoka chair and the sunshine.

The kids visited, the dogs visited, life is good. European chocolate was had and shared (thanks Wendy). Lyla and I had a great Saturday night sewing.

I should be able to finish the quilting on this one tonight. All the straight lines are done (walking foot) and I will switch to free motion next for the center motifs and the border.

We have an application out there to adopt a new little dog- think good things for us. They will let us know in 48 hours if they choose us, otherwise nothing. Jeeg went to the groomer on Friday and this was the first time that it made me feel sad to see her done. After the wonderful shave she had it is easy to see that the tumour is indeed much larger and that she is really becoming bony. We stopped at the vet's for a weigh-in and more Deremaxx. He said that it was becoming very expensive this way ($190 for 30 day supply for the 2 dogs ). She has lost 4 more pounds since early July. I am hoping that a new friend will be good for them both and us too when Jeeg is no longer her happy self.

We did have plans to buy a little one from a quilter friend but she decided to keep her for further breeding, she sounded like a real sweetheart though.

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  1. Murielle5:41 pm

    Hi Linda.. I must be missing you I just came on line and checked your blog. Sound like you are having a blast this weekend. I like the idea of margarita slushy.. wow
    All quiet the Owens, we went for long walk in park this morning and spent the rest of the day so far reading and stuff. I am reading The secret life of bees.. a lovely story. Can't say I am looking forward to get back to work tomorrow so sure looking forward to see you girl.. Cheerios. xo M


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