Friday, 28 September 2007

Ugly Fabric Challenge

I have been trying to pull together a project using the fabrics from our Jamboree Ugly Fabric Swap. I had been thinking that black would be the best complement. My plan was to match every piece of the "ugly fabric" with a black by making half square triangles. I only have 6 pieces from that selection above. (Thank goodness-although there are a couple pieces that do not seem ugly to me at all).

So all the squares are made and I have spent a few evenings arranging, re-arranging and then arranging them again. These fabrics are looking pretty butt-ugly.

Eventually of course, as do all things, the game has to come to an end. I have the squares laid out and I will sew them together tonight.

I will be making this into a soft spot for Jeeg to lay on. I think I will machine tie it (using a fancy stitch) and fill it as fluffy as I can. Jeeg has old sore bones.


  1. I love the ugly fabic challenge you are doing.

    How are the pups getting along? They are so cute!

    PS. I read your blog all the time but I mostly lurk.

  2. Hi Linda Heather sent me and said that I should enter the contest



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