Working through the Ugly Fabric challenge

These are the pieces I had to work with:

The dogs of course were not very excited about my preoccupation with the sewing machine rather than them.
I decided to try out the "Thangles" and chain sewed them (I really love my sewing set-up like this).
It was very kind of me not to photograph each of the many ugly variations that I was able to lay out before I settled on this. I had wanted to do something with "flying geese" and point them in all directions, as if they were blowing away from each other in a big windstorm. The reality however is that the poetic description of the idea and its visual reality were very different from each other.

I thought it was a perfect size for a nice blanket for Jeeg to lay on. I put 4 layers of a fluffy Poly batting in it and machine tied it together instead of quilting it.

Ta Daa! Not too bad for an ugly quilt. The prints however were very hard on my eyes, or the camera lens... whichever. Any way, the light area around the center is the polka dots fabric and the light triangles on the left is the birds fabric. There was only a 8" piece of the birds.

And Jeeg seems to be quite comfy on her new blankie. This should keep her old bones from feeling cold when she is laying on the floor this winter.


  1. To me, there's no such thing as ugly fabric. I think of it as fabric that I haven't thought of any good use for yet.

  2. Lucky Jeeg. Nice little quilt for her. What type of dog is Jeeg? It looks like she has some Weimaraner in her.

  3. Jeeh(and Muddy also) are purebred standard Poodles but we have them clipped to their body shapes. They have beautiful bone structures. They were a deep chocolate brown when they were young but now at 13 + 15 years old they are quite grey.


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