Friends and shopping - makings of a pretty great day

A couple of weeks may have passed but the day I spent with some special on-line friends is no less special for me.

I am lucky to have quilter friends everywhere, and friends so wonderful that they will drive to meet me and take me fabric shopping.

First shop stop was Monica's in Palm Dessert:

And these were all in the half price bin, enough to make a full size quilt and this lot was less than $20.

Then Fabric Fools in Desert Hot Springs:

Of course some of this fabric is headed for "aging"; that means it is bought to add to my special collections, and I will find it very hard to cut into. I found some great purple and reds for Melissa's quilt, lot's of brights, some chili peppers, coffee beans,

We did stop in Santa Fe long enough for me to manage to find one quilt shop on my own. Santa Fe Quilting was really just across the street and around the corner from our hotel. Peter gave me 10 minutes but I probably was closer to 20. I told the man there that I had a time limit and a husband waiting outside so I needed him to show me to some patterns and fabrics that represented the area. They had enough for me to do some "ch-ching" damage. I am quite please at the selection I brought home.

(and yes I did have to buy another suitcase to get home with).

I certainly do not have buyer's remorse over these fabrics. I would not trade them back and will quite happily fondle them until they meet their fate one day under my rotary cutter - the opportunity to become even greater in unity with other fabrics than they are now as single pieces of printed textiles....
What I have is financial remorse....

P.S. I was on a hunt for "Day of the Dead" banners and streamers and was unsuccessful and finding any of that in CA, AZ and NM. That is why I chose those DoD skeleton couples dancing above. If anyone can suggest where I can find Day of the Dead decor, please let me know.


  1. Wow, only ten minutes in a quilt store? I need to talk to that man, that comes under cruel and unusual demands!

    I made a quilt for some of mom's online friends that had balloons rising up over the mountains of Albuquerque. I know there are festivals all over, but I think of balloons when I think of that area.

    It was so great to meet you and Peter in person!

  2. I love your scenic fabric the sunset is so very vivid. It doesn't take long to shop.


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