Road Tripping

We are passing through Tucson Arizona and are enjoying how pretty it is. Low arid mountains but a fair amount of green down low where the city is nestled.

We left from Palm Springs this morning - that was so beautiful. The Date Palms are absolutely majestic, no wonder why they are so often evoked in images.

It is amazing to cross from sandy scrub to luscious green where the desert springs flowed. No wonder there are endless golf courses and spas.

I will post photos if we find internet at whichever low cost motel we end up at tonight.

There were some surprises for me: cotton fields- I had no idea that there were so many cotton fields between Phoenix and Tucson.

Pomegranates - I did not know they grew so freely in the Southern California area

The wind farm - a long ridge of wind turbines, stretching as far as the eye could see along the Santa Ana Valley near Palm Dessert and Indian Wells

And more details that I will note later