Thursday, 22 November 2007

Looking at the calendar, giving Thanks

What happened to November? the last thing that I really noticed was Halloween and time ahead of me to work through my holiday planning list. Where did these last 3 weeks go, likely off to the same unknown vacation land for Tupperware lids, bra wires and socks. All of which I have lost as well lately.

I have put the Mazey Daze back on the machine so that it should be done soon. I have to finish my special set of gifties for my dear Bag Ladies (no hints just in case one of you is reading this before our dinner), looked at my list to remind myself that I have a few things to wrap for the Post Office and I tried to rationalize just what I can really get done for the holidays given that November flew away. I have some online purchases planned to save shipping time but I still have to spend the time browsing to shop!!

This is the week preceeding the big Wild Women's Weekend and I am so ready. Is there anyway to bubble up my time. I would love to have a weekend magically still left besides the weekend away.

Tomorrow (today really) is Thanksgiving Day and although I am not with my family and that Thanksgiving is celebrated in October in Canada, my heart is filled with gratefulness for the bounty in my own life.

I must say that # 1 is my DH, no man could ever make a woman feel more loved.
A very close #2,3,4 are our Super Grovers, 3 amazingly caring, responsible and loving grown up children who have special people in their lives.

I am absolutely appreciative of the lovely home DH built, the city, country that I live in, the great job that I have, my extended family (sisters and their special partners, nieces and nephews) my lovely 4-legged friends,my very dear women-friends, my quilting and even all the gadgety, techno, fun toys that I am lucky enough to make use of.

So, without the extra time off to prepare a Thanksgiving feast, and without Mum to accompany me to the Del-Mar for a hot turkey dinner special, DH and I will celebrate with Swiss Chalet Festive meal and a glass or 2 of wine.

All the very best of things good to you....


  1. Where's Mazey Daze? I can't find it on the blog. Anyhow, best wishes.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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