Mazey Daze and I guess this is post # 100

This is a close-up (sort of) of the prints I used in this project. I loved the pink toile like print on its own. I also loved the green "cabbage roses". When I saw the blue floral print (in the sale bin) with its tiny pink flowers and green leaves it seemed to yell at me "I can bring those other 2 prints together, really I can, just give me a chance." I had not worked with florals in a few years and so I used them in a 3-colour mystery pattern "Mazey Daze" designed by Dorothy Young. This is more of an overview showing the lattice type pattern created with the 3 prints. If you look at past posts showing the baby quilts we made for Jack and Grace, you will see the same pattern but in a smaller version.

When I complete the quilting I will post a better photo of the project. So far I have only echo-quilted the lattice and now I am quilting squares in the snowball blocks. I am not sure how I will fill the triangular areas. I will be echo-quilting approximately 1/3" from the seams on all the blocks and strips.

This is a slightly blurry shot of Van Halen from my BBerry. It was a super concert. Thanks RIM.


  1. Congratulations on your 100th post! I lvoe the fabrics in your quilt - beautful!

  2. Beautiful colors in your quilt.


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