Monday, 31 December 2007

and so goes 2007, the list

It has been a pretty good year I think. Production-wise I hoped to have more accomplished but I am realizing that, just as with desserts, my eyes are bigger than my stomach. Over this past year I have finished up quite a few items and many projects were complete start and finishes (not previous UFO's).

Let me see what I can put on a list since I do keep a journal of all my sewing and studio time. This time does include other hours spent than just my own personal sewing (basting, preparing quilt kits for our community outreach projects, regular organizational time in my studio, workshop preparations).

January = 45 hours
February = 3 hours
March = 65.5 hours
April = 32.5 hours
May = 25.5 hours
June = 33 hours
July = 53.5 hours
August = 40.5 hours
September = 46.5 hours
October = 24 hours
November = 39 hours
December = 47.5 hours
2007 = 455.5 hours total

In this time I started and fully completed, including doing the quilting myself:
1 "Fun with Bricks" scrappy double bed sized quilt
33 Fabric Postcards
5 Quilted Wall Hangings
2 baby quilts
15 pillow cases
12 Hum Bug Bags
12 Aprons
24 Thimble holders
13 Place mats
1 Table Topper
2 Hand bags
1 summer dress for me
1 "just like me" doll
Many miscellaneous gifts and blocks for exchanges

For UFO's I also:
finished hand quilting a QS quilt
98% finished machine quilting a double bed quilt (will be complete in a few days)

Out of this work I was able to help charities through donating quilts for raffle:
Oriental Wall Hanging $130 (or $140?)
Planet Beauty $350
Vintage Garden $900

I managed to take 4 workshops, give 3 quilting demo's, and attend a 4 Day Jamboree with some dear on-line quilty friends (OK, I did not count any hours of those 4 days in this quilt journal summary).

What do I expect of myself, hmm. I work FT, have multiple dogs, I like spending time with my DH and the kids whenever they are home, I like to read, browse the internet, knit, cook, and I do have a home to maintain. I guess I have managed to be fairly productive over the last year. One lesson to myself is that I should not compare my list to others accomplishments. They may not have a FT job, they may send out work to be quilted by someone else, they may not be lucky enough to have family close at hand, etc...)

And for 2008....
I know already that I have 1 night class to attend for 13 weeks (homework & studying), I am joining in some large projects at work (a weekly personal time commitment), we will be building a new home and moving and I have 2 wedding dresses, a wedding veil and some other projects already on the list.

...stay tuned!


  1. I really like that you track your time sewing! What a great indicator of how much really has been accomplished!

  2. I did this kind of inventory today also. It really helps me to keep track of my quilty accomplishments and then look back and see that something besides cooking, cleaning, washing dishes and doing laundry has been accomplished!
    Happy New Year!


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