Thursday, 3 January 2008

Looking into January

Already 3 days into the 31 alloted and I have not moved towards any accomplishments much less have I made decisions on what to do first. Inclination-wise I think I will complete some small commitments which are close do being due, perhaps overdue, perhaps are not really commitments but rather "want-to-do's". Then of course there is a time line commitment on one project which still needs about 16 - 20 hours of stitching (both by machine and by hand).

I realized that I did not have any leftover day-books with which to journal my quilting/sewing life so I stopped at Coles enroute home from work. 50% off, a snazzy little red daytimer with lots of room to track time, projects, plans and commitments. I find that having the daybook (with the days labelled into their own little spaces)is a lot more conducive to maintaining it. It is so easy to see the hours and projects logged. There is a great satisfaction to seeing lots of notes slowly overwrite the waiting blank pages.

I keep a regular journal as well on blank pages which invite me to wander with my meandering mind or bang out frantic rants. That is satisfying in its own way but not helpful for my ever-needing-organizational-structures self.

So I am undertaking to track not only my hours and projects but also all the time that is remotely quilting connected and all the pennies that find their way into the quilting/textile/fibreart economy.

So. Project #1 of 2008 = make some decisions and take notes

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