Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Sorting the scraps

The labelled boxes in the photo (previous entry) are reused boxes from supplies used at work. They are very sturdy and close up tightly - thus they can be stuffed quite full!

When I am cutting fabric for a project I put all the cutting leftovers (greater than 1" big) in a basket sitting at the end of my cutting area. Every so often I sit down with the basket, sort and stuff my boxes.

Sometimes I have had younger visitors to my home and given them the sorting project. Of course when you do this you have to sacrifice any pieces the littles see as treasures.

When I need pieces I pull out the box and look for the pieces that will fit- then stuff the box back down and close it up as tightly as I can :)

Confession time : I have 2 bags worth of pieces waiting to be sorted into their boxes but the boxes are too full to be added to.

I do prefer the boxes to bags since the scraps can lay flat rather than turn themselves into little pig tails or origami boxes when they are not supervised.

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