Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Taking a moment to stop in, routine

Routine has taken over again. It sort of feels good to have a good idea of what will be happening in my day at various stops on the clock but I will always wish I was living off the clock altogether.

The sewing studio is the "Land of No Time", no clocks and no schedules to meet. There is however "the list", the candle and my little Sanyo to bring me news, CSI, music or movies.
The routine here is to set myself at the work table and either cut, sew, plan, organize or play with my fabric. Then when I realize I am tired and recall that I do have to head out the door in the morning I crawl upstairs, give the 4-footeds a few moments outside before we all head to bed. Usually it is about 2 AM. I guess I must really get tired at 1 but it takes that last 45 or 60 minutes to realize it and then make sure the iron is unplugged, morning clothes are ready and my teeth are clean.

What else is routine? If I am left to wake up all on my own it would usually be 8 AM. I start to feel hot (as in rising body temperature) and want to take off my evening sweater and it is usually pretty close to 11PM. I don't think it is menopause as it has been like this for at least 10 years and my body sure does not want to give up that routine whether I like it or not.

Routine is Tuesday evening with the Bag Ladies, Wednesday night TV time with the honey, Thursday morning cappuccino with Penny, hey every morning cappuccino to go to work with and very wonderfully, the nice cup of herbal tea that is at my bedside table every morning when I wake up , followed by its sister pot of tea ready to fill my thermos every day (a thanks to my Honey routine).

And my home from work routine, let the 4-footeds out for a bit, organize what I am preparing for supper, making my bed (I always fold it back to air for a few hours) since I prefer to get into a freshly unmade bed at night, checking the mail and looking after some minor household task. Dinner is just about ready and Honey comes home from work.

I really want to add to my routine though: more journal time, more blog time, more be good to my body time and definitely, always welcome, lots more hugs with my Honey time.

And so... hurrah to routine and to hell with the clocks.

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