Thursday, 7 February 2008

The most wonderful friends

I am feeling very much overwhelmed by my dear Bag Lady crafty friends. These wonderful women have secretly worked together to make me a beautiful quilt. Wonderful blocks that remind me of each of them, fabrics and patterns that I have seen them use in other projects are now together in my wonderful quilt.

Not only did they assemble this with love, it was wonderfully machine quilted by a very skilled and creative Bag Lady. The quilt is filled with many leaves, flowers and feathers.

Words to properly thank these wonderful friends are not really sufficient. I feel so blessed and loved by these women.
If you click on the image you will be able to have a close look at these blocks and the quilting. The quilt was finished off with a very touching special label in memory of our honorary crafty girl - Jeeg.

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  1. Linda,
    what wonderful friends! That is a wonderful, thoughtful gift.


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