Thursday, 13 March 2008

Knitted Tea Cozy

My while-traveling project was to knit this tea cozy for my daughter. Of course I did not actually complete it until the night that I returned home, so I had to mail it back to Vancouver.

I found the 100% wool, so so soft, at Wally World. The pattern was cross merchandised (but free) with the range of yarns displayed.

The instructions were quite easy but I was surprised to see that it would require 2 skeins of yarn. I had myself convinced that I could return one skein until it ran short halfway through the last row of the pattern. That's right, 6 inches of one row plus casting off.

Hmmm , what can I do with a random 99.9 % full skein of very soft, variegated 100% wool.

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  1. Its adorable, I bet a nice scarf would go nicely with it!


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