Friday, 11 April 2008

Coopey's in Coney Island - This is for you "Mr. Coopey"

I lived on 29th street. My name is Linda, my brother is Charlie, my little sister is Melody, my mother is Mildred and I spent most of my time at Coopey's. Comic books. Candy bars and toys.

If this is really you - the owner I am sure you can remember me
I can send you a photo perhaps but there were many days that you shooed me home after being there so long.

The day that my Opa was buried, I came around seeking my haven and stayed for hours.
I bought any crafts kit that you had - mosaic tiles, knitting loops, press dot doll clothes.

I loved your store and felt so safe with you or your wife there. I have always remembered the store and I could still draw out a diagram of the whole store and locate where everything belongs. The bic pen display that turned on the counter . The Wise potato chips (BBQ was my favorite flavor) near the soda cooler by the front door. The stationery and all the school supplies on the one side of the centre wall of shelves. The hobby stuff (models) on the far side. The games along the outer shelves. I remember buying my Kerplunk, the Amazing Kreskin, Spirograph, Operation and so many other of our toys from you. The jacks, the marbles, the bags of gold nugget gum.

It is too great a thrill to hear from you. I think that your store was my home away from home. Here are some photos from the 60's and 70's.

Oma and me;Me in the corner of the drug store 29th and Surf Ave, Opa Charlie and me; My cousin Randy and me with cotton candy on the boardwalk at Steeplechase (circa 1962)

Some of these toys must have come from Coopy's (1967)
On the boardwalk - Charlie and myself, other kids from the neighborhood - Just hanging around... Bianca, Randy, Vicki, Charlie and Dondi (1967) , myself (1970)
Myself and little sister Melody (1971); Me (1972) but not in Coney Island at the time; The 3 Griese kids; My Mom (1971)

2966 West 29th Street (1974) - Visiting relatives from out of town : Wolfgang and Carla, talking to Mr. Antonelli; Tante Ilse

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