Thursday, 3 April 2008

Procrastination - a way to get things done

Procrastination is quite an effective tool for accomplishing unappealing tasks. This is far truer than you expect.
Consider this, you have dishes to wash or laundry to fold but these (and many similar chores) are easily put off till later in the evening because and interesting image appears on the T. V. screen; or you remember that you promised to give someone (anyone?) a quick call. The evening passes and darn, the laundry basket is still full.
So, the best way to motivate yourself is to escalate the priority. That is right. Taxes. You need to work on the annual income tax forms. Very important.
Of course that basket of laundry is now quite the pressing burden and it has to be folded and put away immediately.
So how do you escalate the taxes?
Just take a look outside at the back yard that is now showing its winter-worn, melted snow residue, unraked last lawn cutting head. YEP, those taxes need to be done right now!

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  1. What gets sad is when you start escalating the chores above the crafty stuff that should be fun!


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