Monday, 12 May 2008

Back to quilting again, sort of...

Another reason that this Mother's Day weekend was so great is that 2 of 3 kids were home. The one that was not at home sent chocolates...Bernard Callebaut. mmmmmmm. Before Bernard I did not like filled chocolates. I only wanted good, dark chocolate, with nuts sometimes, maybe. (click here for a link to Bernard Callebaut)

Bernard Callebaut chocolates are heavenly. The fillings are not sugar paste but real cream, lightly whipped up, with real ingredients added. Since they do not have any preservatives you do have to eat them up within 7 days. The very next best part is that my BC girl and her sweetie have discovered that Bernard will deliver! YES! I may have to invent a few special occasions.

Dear Son of ours also was home for the weekend and took on every techno-task thrown his way -Can you programme the PS3 remote please? Can you fix the wireless connection on Dave's laptop? Can you download the shows of Battlestar Galactica that I missed? Can you, can you?? He smiles and patiently does it all. Thanks.

Daughter-artistic-child, Dear Dave and the grand-dogs also were home. And it was it not slightly ironic that she took me to the sports store to buy me safety equipment so I can play with my new toy. Yes she and Son-in-Law have provided me with a bicycling helmet.

I have had quite a busy & productive sewing year so far but not as much quilting as I have been completing miscellaneous projects. I did a bit of first-aid to a group quilt that somehow found itself bound with a border that just kept on stretching itself way past its limits. (photo to come)

So after a title like "Back to quilting..." you might want to see some actual quilting.
I did not make this but I did act as adjunct technical advisor. Daughter-artistic-child who is not a quilter (she thinks still) made this beauty for a friend's new baby. She did a super job.


  1. I hope I am not repeating myself as my computer is giving me a wild goose chase. I just wanted to drop in and say I love your quilt Cara the colours are beautiful and the new mom will love it. You are an accomplished quilter. Penny

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  3. You're so lucky your techno son smiles patiently. Mine puts me on hold and then tells me to take a number. He eventually gets around to it, though, and don't know what we'd do without him!

  4. Sounds like you love chocolate. Me too.


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