Saturday, 10 May 2008

Mother's Day and a new bike - I'm a lucky Mama

Wow, this is an amazing gift.

My honey has bought me a great bike. It has been a while since I have ridden my bike. I took a look at it last fall and it looks every day of its 22+ years. Honey kept this in his mind.

So FF to Mother's Day 2008, he asks Cara for some help and she had already been thrilled by this particular project. You buy a AfricaBike and for each 2 that are sold one is donated to a home health careworker in Africa who uses it to travel around the region and provide care to HIV and AIDs patients in a variety of African countries. The bike you buy here is the same as the one that they receive. It is simple, extremely well-made and so right!
For more info on the programme : AfricaBike
Dave showed me the back carrier for my quilting fabric. The front basket is perfect for lunch, my purse or cute little dogs that just want to come along for the ride.
...and is this not the cutest bell you have ever seen, all purple and paisley!
Perhaps I can do some good for this old body, my gasoline budget and save the world a little bit at the same time.

[Thanks so much Sweetie]

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  1. Anonymous11:51 am

    Oooh!! I SO love your new bike. :-)

    I've recently re-discovered my love of bicycling, and desperately want a gorgeous old-fashioned bike with cute bells and a little basket. *sigh* But I have to wait; Kuwait is too hot, too sandy, and too keen on vehicular homicide to permit cyclists. 8|

    Maybe if you post more pictures of your bike, I can vicariously ride about through you. lol

    You're a very lucky woman. ;-)


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