Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Canada Post

I have been trying to track a parcel I shipped to the UK on May 1.
The website shows that it was accepted on May 1 at Canada Post and that it was sent international mail on May 8 (now why would it sit for a week?? Inquiring minds want to know)

Well , this parcel has never shown up so 7 weeks later I send a service inquiry to which I receive the following response:

Thank you for your message to Canada Post.

Airmail to International destinations is not a traceable service. If you
purchase insurance for the contents, you will be provided with a receipt
that contains a registration number; that number will not be scanned at
any point during the transportation of the item. And if the item has not
arrived at destination, you can make a claim for indemnity 60 days after
the date of mailing

Now I contact them back and verify that I do indeed have a tracking registration # for this item and all they say is that after 60 days I can make a claim.

Very helpful----

So I stop at my regular Post Office and ask the clerk what might be happening. I am mailing my replacement of the same parcel.
She asks me "which way" I would like it sent so I replied -" the way in which it will actually arrive".

After I explain the situation with the first parcel she tells me then that perhaps it was sent on a boat by mistake, even though I paid for airmail.
She thinks the airmail stickers must have fallen off so someone routed it on by sea.
I could not decide whether to laugh or rant so I just walked away shaking my head.....
So dear QP friend, you may one day receive 2 parcels from me but hopefully you will receive at least 1. Today I sent it just regular mail...
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  1. Usually air to the UK is pretty good, do not send surface to australia or japan, or indonesia, etc the post office says it will take 4-6 weeks and most of the time it takes 8-10! I've got a claim in at Canada post for $200 statue, that I mailed to Israel surface mail in March which still has not reached its destination.


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