Friday, 27 June 2008

a few other recent projects

A few recent postcards that I made, the themes were "Under the Sea" and "monochromatic"

Then I was asked for a donation for a Canada Day "Made in Canada" auction. I put together these placemats while in a green and silly mood. I quilted a Maple Leaf motif in each placmat in reference to Canada Day, these might appeal to someone. I think they are just a bit strange looking.


  1. Love the psotcards and placemats! What dimensions do you use for your placemats? I'm on a bit of a placemat binge and like different sizes and shapes.

  2. These placemats are 14" by 16", using a 12 1/2" log cabin block, placing off center in a border and adding a "pocket" (for napkin or cutlery) to the right hand slightly wider side.

  3. Anonymous10:04 pm

    I saw on your blog a while ago an idea for a placemat I thought that you rolled cutlery in for picnics, camping or even to take in school lunch boxes. I can't find it now. Can you add the link below my comment. Thx. Happy sewing


    I love making and using these.


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