Sunday, 10 August 2008

See Sally. See Sally run. Run Sally, run.

The last 2 weeks were dedicated to power quilting. I wanted to finish the quilt for Bianca's 50th. It was perfect.

When I started collecting the Dick and Jane prints I knew they were meant for us. See Linda sew. See Linda sew for Bianca. Bianca and Linda learned to read together in that other life. Sally, Dick, Jane, Puff and Spot were the featured characters in our first grade primers.

36 dedicated hours to put the pieces in place.

I thought that Tricia Cribb's "Turning Twenty" pattern was the best way to enjoy the prints. I meander quilted the blocks so I would not compete with the busy images. The border however wanted me to play so I free-motioned a simple leaf and vine pattern.

The first 6 hours of quilting was arduous. Every 6" the upper thread broke and so did 4 needles. Rethreading, new needles, cleaning, "Thread Heaven", oiling,argh.

I dissassembled the machine and changed feet. Instead of the "Big Foot" I used the darning foot that came with the machine (Brother PQ1500s)and then we began to sing! yes, after the slow start covering 2 blocks, we danced through the next 18. No upper thread breaks, 4 bobbins and 1 endless quilting line.

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