Thursday, 11 September 2008

The changing of the seasons

It was time. I had to reach in the sock drawer and pull out a pair to wear. I have had happy toes since Mid May and now they are caged again.

Why are sandals so cute and fun while shoes are so serious and boring? I do not mean dancing shoes, that is a whole other party. I am referring to the "wear me to work" shoes, the ones that are tucked under my slacks hems and into which I stuff those overpriced orthotics.

Ahhh, now I must spend the next 7 months dreaming of sandals and sun-warmed happy, brightly painted toes


  1. I agree- I ahve to completely capture my feet when I wear the sensible shoes. Or they just escape! They just prefer to be Free! Thankfully we are having a bit of a late summer, so they are still sockless!

  2. teddyelaine3:20 pm

    I often think that I should take my machine outside to sew, and now I see that you do it.


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