Friday, 12 September 2008

Falling forward

Now that I have taken a few evenings to breathe I am able to think about what I want to do, have to do and should do over the next couple of months.

Those WIP's are still waiting for me, as many quilts and projects that I have finished this year and that list has not shortened very much at all. Besides the WIP's are the QIW's. Quilts In Waiting, those packages, baskets and bags of fabrics neatly folded together, just waiting for me to start paying them more attention.

I had to pass on my Quilt Guild membership for this year as we are moving out of town mid year. Preparing for this move will take a fair amount of organizing, sorting, purging and of course packing. The move will take us from a house designed for living with growing teenagers, a grandma and us to a home that will be all about us and creating a welcome place to visit.

So far that is a few evenings a month freed, and very many weekends to come filled.

I am taking a class at the local college in "PR & Corporate Communications"; so, a few more evenings that are busy.

The adults kiddles are all quite busy working and studying, so that will (sadly) mean less visiting time, and more weekends that are quiet.

And for the next 4 or 5 months the Bag Ladies night will not change at all! We are happy that will be the same for a while longer.

So, all in all, looking forward, I will be just as busy as ever, and I really should work through more of the WIP's and QIW's so there will be less to manage when we move!

Maybe it is time to make a new list.

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