Saturday, 13 September 2008

Rainy days and Saturdays

This morning was all about relaxing. Peter and I were indulged (a gift from my sister and family) at a local spa. We had a steam room session then a relaxing hour long massage together. This was nice.

The rest of the day will be slow paced. McCormick Canada is celebrating 125th anniversary so we are going to a picnic at the local Pioneer Village. It will be raining , hard and heavy; Ike is reaching out our way.
We are hoping that Texas and the areas just slammed are able to recover without great losses.

Still a bit later, it will be dress-up time. We are showing up at a friend's child's birthday party that had a "scary theme". So the Mister will be a Grim Reaper and I'll be a witch. A bit early for Halloween so I am sure we will get funny looks on our way over.

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