Sunday, 14 September 2008

This might be the year we really pare down Christmas

The kids (yes I know they are 24,27 and 29 in a few days) have asked to cut back on the gifting. The last few years we have had Santa's helper (Murielle) forward us our stocking partner name and we would each fill a stocking for that person as well as prepare a general exchange of holiday gifts and cheer.

Okay, it did take a few hours for us all (8) to open every single gift; we do it one at a time and everyone shares everything.

So, there is not enough time, not enough $ and not enough place to put all this holiday cheer.

We will try it this way for 2008:
Santa's helper will send out a gift partner's name. Mom and Dad will fill everyone's stocking.

...and we will try very hard to exercise more control over the urge to indulge, spoil and generally save the global retail economy so that we all can afford to live in our happy little homes.

Gracious, first the kids torpedo the Turkey dinner, now Santa has been uninvited.... what next!

And for the rest - we will all just give more to others whose needs are greater, we know that we are all absolutely greatly blessed.

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