Wednesday, 17 September 2008

What happens here late at night.

The dogs are driven crazy by my late night bed time. Shiraz lays curled on her favourite cushion, her eyes half-open, watching me do random things - put away some papers, switch laundry loads, write blog entries, put the early morning to-do list together and then finally, iron Peter's shirt.

She knows that when the ironing is complete I will go to bed.

Peter insists (on an almost daily basis) that I do not need to iron his shirt. Ironing his shirt however feels to me as if I am hugging him all day long. Well I can imagine that I am hugging him all day long, and that he looks cared for and that he can feel "the love".

In return, Peter makes me a lovely cup of herbal tea and sets it bedside for me, then he prepares a little pot of tea that I take to work in a thermos for my afternoon tea. In this way I feel loved and cared for all day long too. I do not insist that Peter does not need to make my tea every day. I love it. I appreciate it. I smile at every sip.

Django, for his part, runs up to me with a pleading look, "...follow me, I need you". He runs and jumps up at the bedroom door, again pleading, "please, open the door, let's all go to bed".

So now, it is time to iron Peter's shirt, those cute little brown eyes are rolling up at me - is it time???

Woohoo, tomorrow is cappuccino time! Good friends will be here just after 7:30 and we can celebrate that even though it is not yet Friday, it is past Wednesday.

P.S. Today is DD#1 29th Birthday, Have a wonderful new year ahead sweetie!

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