Tuesday, 14 October 2008

After Thanksgiving Day-Magic Soup

The stock is simmering on the stove for soup. I love making soup almost as much as I love eating soup.

Many years ago I heard Martha Stewart suggest to roast your bones in the oven before you use them for stock.

It adds amazing richness to the flavour of the broth so I have been doing it ever since.


After the carcass is cleaned of as much meat as you want it to be, place it back in the roasting pan, set the oven at a low 250-275 F and let it brown for a few hours, I try to remember to turn the bones at least once but that is not super important.

Next I cover the roasted carcass with my saved* vegetable cooking water and an extra water. I turn it up till it starts to boil, then I turn it down to a simmer.

I let the broth simmer overnight and then set it to cool.

When it is cool I strain the broth, separate any meat from the bones and freeze it for soup making another day. I cut up a selection of vegetables, add diced potatoes or rice, some meat if there is any, and let this simmer for the day.

This magic soup is so rich tasting. It is magic because no matter what may be wrong, you will always feel better after you have some.

*I always save my vegetable cooking water. I keep large tupperware containers in the freezer and after cooking vegetables I add the water to the container. When it is full I save it for soup making.

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